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The Just Like You Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

In this first ever show of the Just Like You podcast, life partners and co-hosts, Angela McNally and Anthony Bartoloshare their inspiration behind starting this show.

For years the couple have always been asked about our own career successes, travels, properties and the ‘instagram' side of life. 
And while we love to share about the things that light us up, that's not the whole story.

While working mentors and Coaches it became clear to them both that there is this eternal feeling for everyone of : 
When I have ______ I will be happy’.
But this is not true.

Life is a journey for ALL of us and we need to be happy along the way. 
For Angela & Anthony it is the ‘when I have______’ is a family. 

And while life on the outside was looking shiny to others, the truth was they were (and still are) experiencing recurrent miscarriage with many traumatic losses.

Angela & Anthony's mission is to prove that life is a journey for everyone. That life isn't some shiny destination. That the beautiful blessings come with the same challenges every single human faces. 

Guests on the podcast will be people doing amazing things in both business and in life, but sharing the whole story. The humble starting points, the challenges, the failures and the magic it takes to live a life well lived. 

But most of all, proving to you, the listeners, that you can do anything and be anything you dream of, because the people doing the things you dream of in business and in life…. are JUST LIKE YOU!


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