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The Just Like You Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

In this very special episode of Just Like You, Anthony interviews his co-host and wife, Angela McNally, a successful business and lifestyle coach.
Angela gives an overview of her eclectic life and the many directions it has taken. Angela gets real about failure as redirection and why she is thankful for the many twists and turns her life has taken, as they ultimately have brought her to her greatest joy, Business Coaching.

You do not want to miss this beautiful and inspiring story!


“I am so thankful beyond measure that life redirected me”

“Change in life is inevitable. And the more change and hardship that you go through, it actually means that you are meant for more”

“My biggest challenge over the last few years is the balance between giving to others and giving to myself”

“Put the blinders on and keep on going higher”

“Done is better than perfect”



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