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The Just Like You Podcast

Dec 30, 2019

Today Anthony and Angela interview Becka Crowe who is a Wellness Expert and Reiki Practitioner and co-owner of WellHaven, a wellness studio in Torotno.
Becka shares her life story and reveals how she overcame some of the biggest challenges to that led to her own success story.


Becka discusses going from being  unhappy...

Dec 23, 2019


In today’s show, we talk about one of out favourite things to do as a couple, Goal Setting. 

Step #1 is SETTING CLEAR GOALS and then working backward. This will allow you to make small, incremental steps that move you forward. 

Step #2 is creating an ACTION PLAN. How do you plan on achieving this goal? 


Dec 17, 2019


Today we are sitting down with  Rachel David, founder of Hashtag Communications

Rachel is a  broadcaster turned YouTube personality turned entrepreneur, Rachel shares her incredible journey that will have you deeply inspired to trust your gut in business and in life.

She is the real deal, who shares her...

Dec 10, 2019

In today’s show, hosts, Anthony and Angela interview Holistic Acne Expert, Meg Gaic.
Meg shares her inspiring life story and reveals how, over time she has evolved into a passionate proponent of holistic, healthy living. 

Meg is not only incredibly successful and the life QUEEN of skincare --  but her life story is...

Dec 3, 2019

Hosts Anthony and Angela interview Soul Coach, Retreat Host, Meditation Teach and Speaker, Catie Fenn. In her own words, Catie is “providing medicine for people to reconnect with who they really are”.

Catie a former Bay Street Lawyer in Toronto, slowy built her Coaching career while working as a full...