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The Just Like You Podcast

Jan 14, 2020


Today we are sitting down with Claudio Aprile, Celebrity Chef and Judge on Masterchef Canada.
He is currently the Executive Chef at Xango in Downtown Toronto.

Claudio shares never before told stories about his early days as a young apprentice Chef (including a near death experience!), the incredible journey that led him to starting his first restaurant here in Toronto, stories of his childhood and about his mother who was also deeply creative and so much more.

It was truly an honour that Claudio joined us to share his incredible journey, his thoughts on overnight success and so much more!

We know you are going to love this episode.
Enjoy the Show!

What You Will Learn in This Show –


  • How active collaboration can greatly enhance your end results
  • Does a formal educational stifle your creativity and authenticity?
  • The myth called “overnight success”
  • How social and digital media has resulted in an information-rich, knowledge-poor society



“The idea of an overnight success story did not apply to me in anyway”

“I have never subscribed to the rules. I like coloring outside the lines. I don’t like to be put in any category”

“Your successes are celebrated but your failures are also amplified”

“Do you place too much value on what people on the sidelines are thinking”

“When we are open about our successes and failures equally, it makes people more connected to us”

“If you have not broken anything, you don’t know how to fix it”

“We live in an information-rich, knowledge poor culture”


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