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The Just Like You Podcast

Jan 28, 2020


In today’s show, we interview Jaclyn Genovese, founder, Spaces by Jacflash and Fitness by Jacflash.

Jaclyn shares how she started her entrepreneurial journey with a clothing boutique in Toronto and how trusting her intuition led her to completely change careers and thrive! Today she is the owner of an interior design company and runs womens fitness events. 

Jaclyn is the epitome of a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is truly living her calling.

Her story is amazing and we can’t wait for you to get to know her better and be inspired!!

What You Will Learn in This Show:


  • How to trust your gut instinct and forge ahead
  • How to hustle and keep a new business afloat
  • How to leverage social media to find clients and build revenues



“When you truly listen to your gut and don’t care about what anyone else thinks, that is when opportunities come organically”

“My biggest blessing is that I get to wake up and do what I would do if I was not getting paid”

“Set the date and move backward. That is how you are going to move forward”.



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